Subodh R. Shenoy's Brief Profile

Subodh R Shenoy did his school studies at St Xavier’s High School Ahmedabad. Shenoy received a bachelor of science degree from Queen Mary College at the University of London, UK, in the late 1960s and master's and doctorate degrees in physics from Yale University, USA, in the early 1970s. After his Ph.D, he worked at the University of South Florida, USA, Tata Institute, Bombay, the Institute of Physics, Bhubaneswar, and the University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad. Shenoy first visited Trieste in the mid 1980s when, as a professor of physics at the University of Hyderabad, he was appointed an ICTP Associate. He returned to Trieste on numerous occasions over the next decade to attend Centre research and training activities and to conduct his own research before receiving a staff position with the Condensed Matter Physics group.

Shenoy's decade-long stay at ICTP was marked by a continual flow of research publications in such scientific journals as Physics Review Letters, Europhysics Letters and Physical Review. It was also marked by the emergence of the ICTP Diploma Course as a critical Centre research and training activity for students from the least developed countries.

His research interests are broadly in Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics and Statistical Physics. More specifically, he has worked on thermal fluctuations in superconductors; spin glasses; nonequilibrium phase transitions, the Kosterlitz-Thouless transition and Josephson Junction arrays; topological excitations in the 3D XY model, and first-passage times and hysteresis.His current interests include coherence in Bose-Einstein condensates, and re-equilibration behavior in martensitic structural transitions, that involve entropy barriers and effective temperatures.