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Dr. Mohd. Imran

Completed Ph.D. (July 2017)

Email: alimran5ab

Research interests:

Condensed matter physics, Bose-Einstein condensation

Supervisor: Dr. M.A.H. Ahsan

Co-Supervisor: Prof. M. Rafat


  1. Effects of finite range Gaussian repulsion on trapped many-boson system
    Mohd. Imran, M.A.H. Ahsan
    arXiv:1602.03811 [cond-mat.quant-gas](2016)
  2. Vortex patterns in moderately rotating Bose-condensed gas
    Mohd. Imran, M.A.H. Ahsan
    arXiv:1601.06695 [cond-mat.quant-gas]
  3. Breathing Modes in Rotating Bose-Condensed Gas: An Exact Diagonalization Study
    Mohd. Imran, M.A.H. Ahsan
    Journal of Atomic, Molecular, Condensate and Nano Physics, 2(2), 133-139 (2015)
  4. Ground and low-lying collective states of rotating three-boson system
    Mohd. Imran, M.A.H. Ahsan
    arXiv:1508.05030 [cond-mat.quant-gas], Communications in Theoretical Physics (2016)
  5. Exact Diagonalization Study of Bose-Condensed Gas with Finite-Range Gaussian Interaction
    Mohd. Imran, M.A.H. Ahsan
    Advanced Science Letters 21(9):2764-2767 (2015)