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Dr. Medha Sharma

Completed Ph.D. (November 2017)

Email: medhajamia

Research interests:

Many electron systems, condensed matter

Supervisor: M.A.H. Ahsan


1. Organization of the Hilbert Space for Exact Diagonalization of Hubbard Model
Medha Sharma, M.A.H. Ahsan
Computer Physics Communications 193:19-29 (2015)
2. A Davidson-Lanczos iteration method for computation of continued-fraction expansion of the Green's function at very low temperatures: Applications to the dynamical mean field theory
Medha Sharma, M.A.H. Ahsan
arXiv:1409.3374 [cond-mat.str-el]
3. Simulation of Pauli Spin Blockade Readout in Zero-Dimension Nanostructures
Medha Sharma, M.A.H. Ahsan
Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience 20, 1601-1604 (2014)