Manipuri for travellers
Lam koibasingi meiteilon Lam koiba singgi meitei lon

Manipuri or Meetei/Meitei is spoken in the state of Manipur in India. This site has been created to help non-Manipuri speaking people learn basic words to survive in the midst of Manipuris. It can be useful for travellers wishing to visit Manipur, or those who have Manipuri friends and want to learn to speak Manipuri. Manipuri words are displayed in the Roman script as well as in Meetei Mayek, the very own script of the language. Sound files are provided for every word to show the correct pronunciation.

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Roman scriptMeetei Mayek Pronunciation
Basic Words maru oiba waheising maru oiba waheising
Numbers masing masing
Shopping/Dining pot leiba/charaa chaabaa pot leiba
Travel lam koiba lam koiba
Directions maikei
Places mapham
Time and Dates matam amasung taang

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