Symposium on Cosmology and Astrophysics

29-30 January 2002
Department of Physics, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi-110025.

The inflationary scenario has now become an integral part of the standard model of the Universe. Apart from resolving the problem associated with initial conditions, it also provides explanation for the initial inhomogeneity responsible for the structure formation in the Universe. There have been many developments in the theoretical modelling of inflation in recent years. This area of activity is under active investigation in view of current observations of CMB anisotropy. The problems of dark-matter and dark-energy (quintescence) are also under active investigation at present. The two forthcoming satellite experiments, "MAP" and "Planck" are expected to revolutionise our thinking about the Universe. On the oher hand, the discovery of duality between M-theory and superstring theory by Horava and Witten led to the renewed interest in the brane worlds. By compactifying six dimensions in the eleven dimensional theory, our 4-dimensional universe may be realized as a hypersurface (brane) in 5-dimensional spacetime. The brane world scenario poses interesting theoretical as well as experimental challenges. The astrophysical and cosmological consequences of the brane worlds are under active consideration at present.

Organising Committee

  • Pankaj Sharan (Jamia)
  • Mohd. Zahid (Jamia)
  • Daksh Lohiya (Delhi University)
  • Ashok Goyal (Delhi University)
  • M. Sami (Jamia)
  • Tabish Qureshi (Jamia)
  • Lekha Nair (Jamia)
  • Saeed Uddin (Jamia)
This meeting will focus on the following topics:
  1. Cosmological inflation and late time acceleration
  2. D-branes and their cosmological consequences
  3. Brane-world cosmology
  4. Entropy of black holes
  5. Detection of gravitational waves
  6. The current status of microwave background radiation in the Universe
  7. Gravitational lensing
  8. Astrophysical processes
Keynote address
Naresh Dadhich (IUCAA):
Relativistic World: A Common Sense Perspective.
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